Customer and business management software for pest control industry

A company which offers pest control software service have decided to help manage your operation! With our software, you can manage your services and prepare your own Schedule programs. Wouldn't it be easy for you to manage the reporting of all your staff with a software? Or wouldn't you like to use a system that can report all of your services to your customers?

Manage your business from home, outside your company, or even from abroad, with a software that combines all this! You leave your reporting jobs to your software which can automatically do it for you!

Excellent customer experience

We have worked hard to make everything easy for you in this software. is a software developed to get best customer experience.

Increase your operating efficiency

Check the efficiency of your company. Save time with your software that manages and directs everyone in your staff!

Developing structure with customer experiences

Every feedback we receive from you will add power to us. With the excitement of doing a better job, we aim to install a system that will meet all your needs.

Our experience

While completing our 7th year in the industry, we follow innovative approaches in the industry with our CRM software service. We design new business models that will bring new visions to you by moving our strength from the past to the future.

Who we are?

We are an innovative company producing industry-specific approaches for Industry 4.0. We are a company that aims to offer you customized solutions with our experience from applications.

What do we do?

We are a company that provides solutions to the companies serving in the pest control industry and tries to establish service standards in this industry.

Developing structure with customer experiences

Every feedback we receive from you will add power to us and we will reflect the excitement of doing a better job.

100% Digital Management

You can execute 100% of your operations over the web by using the power of digital world in your business that is specifically prepared for you.

Deliver your services without any error and on time!

Have the opportunity to offer your services professionally to your customers.


Customer identification and customer panel creation

Transfer all your customers to your digital software, no information lost!


Staff identification and staff panel creation

Get instant reports from all your services.


Everything on your Management Panel is under your control

Your software is now ready to manage all systems from a panel to you. Get started now!

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Monthly Membership
Technical Support

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3 Month Membership
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6 Month Membership
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9 Month Membership
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Some of the features we have developed for you

While we're trying to provide a good pest control service, we're aware of the intensity and boredom of reporting processes that takes your time. In addition, we are aware of the fact that current account follow-up and accounting transactions are exhausting.


Customer Management

We help you to manage all your customers from only one database. We have designed a software that your customers can access from customer reporting system.


Staff Management

You can follow all the services of the field staff in detail from one screen.


Online and Mobile Compatible Software

You can do your transactions online and with your mobile-compatible software, from desktop computers or from tablets if you wish.


Sketch Drawing Module

Perhaps the most difficult subject with your service is to prepare a rodent control map. You can create your sketches easily with this module in the software.


Data Storage

You and your customers will be able to protect your data without any loss of data, and access your archives from any point at any time.


Our Dynamic and Developable Content

With integrated software systems, we will provide solutions to your product procurement processes that will increase your operating profitability. With the work done by our R & D units, we will design new systems that will make your business model more professional.

Our Experience




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We work everyday to improve your business.
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